Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs

Donating your tissue for research

Human tissue is used in scientific and medical research, to improve understanding of how diseases start and progress and what keeps us healthy. Researchers may find different ways of diagnosing disease, or develop new treatments. Find out more about what is involved, how to donate tissue and the role of the HTA.

The HTA licenses organisations that store human tissue for research. We believe that good regulation supports good science, which in turn leads to improved healthcare. Our regulatory framework ensures that consent is sought, which supports public confidence in the way that human tissue is used. One of the HTA's key strategic aims is to ensure that tissue-based research is not held up by our regulation. Research funders tell us that regulation of the storage of human tissue in research has driven up standards.

Further FAQs about donating your tissue for research can be found here

Last updated on: 8 Jan 2015