Last updated on 15 Jul 2021

Organ donation and transplantation FAQs

What are National Operating Procedures

A comprehensive suite of National Operating Procedures (NOPs) are available on the NHSBT microsite. There are NOPs covering:

  • Donor and Organ Characterisation Assessment and Allocation in Deceased and Living Donation and Transplantation
  • Verification of Donor Identity Consent and Authorisation Organ and Donor Characterisation in deceased and Living Donation and Transplantation
  • Packaging Labelling and Transport of Organs in Deceased and Living Donation and Transplantation
  • Management of Procurement Material and Equipment in Deceased and Living Donor and Transplantation
  • Activities to be Performed Under the Guidance of a Registered Medical Practitioner
  • Transfer and Storage of Donor and Organ Characterisation Information and Storage of Traceability Data

The NOPs contain mandatory information which must be documented in local operating procedures, in order to meet HTA assessment criteria. Where establishments do not already have equivalent procedural documentation in place, they are encouraged to adapt the NOPs in line with the establishment’s local procedures to ensure that they reflect how activities are carried out locally.

The NOPs must be adopted with local amendments as appropriate or alternative procedures must be developed which meet the regulatory requirements. The documentary framework document provides information about these requirements

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