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Guidance for professionals

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This document is designed to provide you with information about the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) inspection process, so that you and your staff can prepare for an HTA inspection.• There is a second part of this guidance, covering site visits• The appendix - applicable to both parts one and two - can be downloaded here• The whole document - parts one and two, plus the appendix - can be downloaded...
Donation of solid organs for transplantation
  • Codes of practice
Policy on the management and traceability of tissue samples retained by independent pathologists
  • Pathologists
  • Traceability
HTA and MHRA Policy on the Regulation of Blood as a Starting Material for ATMP Manufacture
Guide to completion of the public display licence application, including application form
  • General licensing
Licence application guidance
  • Licensing
  • General licensing
  • Human Tissue Act
New guidance on completing an HTA Preparation Process Dossier
  • Preparation Process Dossiers
Regulation of the Post Mortem Sector 2014 - 16: What we have learnedNovember 2016This report is aimed particularly at Designated Individuals (DI), Persons Designated (PD), and any staff working under their direction in the conduct of licensed activities: predominantly pathologists and anatomical pathology technologists. The contextual sector information and the learning gained from the...
  • Post mortem
  • HTA Reportable Incident (HTARI)
  • Mortuaries
  • News and events
Why the HTA publishes inspection reports on licensed establishments and what information they contain
  • Inspection reports
  • General inspection
HTA's current position on the absence of a presumed genetic relationship
  • Transplants