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Useful information for DIs and Named Contacts

This section is designed to help Designated Individuals (DIs) and named contacts to understand their role and responsibilities. On these pages, you will find general information, as well as sector-specific information.

This content is also relevant to Licence Holders and individuals working under HTA licences.

Navigating the guidance                          

You should read the section called, 'Information for all Designated Individuals and Named Contacts' first. This section covers information that applies across several, or all, sectors. For example:

  • information about our governing legislation
  • licence roles and responsibilities
  • inspection guidance

After this, you should then read the information specific to your sector/s. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Downloading and printing the guidance

To download or print a copy of the guidance, click the printer icon in the top righthand corner of the page, under 'media enquiries'.

You will then have the option of either:

  • 'printing' the page as a pdf, which will give you a pdf file you can download and save; or
  • printing it out using your printer so you have a hard-copy.

Printing from this page will print all of the pages in this section. Printing from another page in this section will only part of the guidance.

If you’ve any trouble with, or questions about, this process, please email

Resources for DIs and named contacts
Last updated on: 12 Feb 2019