Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs

Roles and Responsibilities

Role of Designated Individual

Designated Individuals have a key role to play in implementing the requirements of the HT Act. 

They are the person under whose supervision the licensed activity is authorised to be carried out. They have the primary (legal) responsibility under Section 18 of the Human Tissue Act to secure:

  1. that suitable practices are used in undertaking the licensed activity;
  2. that other persons working under the licence are suitable and;
  3. that the conditions of the licence are complied with.

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Role of Licence Holder

A licence holder can be an individual or a corporate body. We recommend that a corporate body is the licence holder i.e. a Corporate Licence Holder (CLH), with a nominated Corporate Licence Holder contact (CLHc) in a position of sufficient seniority to change the Designated Individual (DI) if required.

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Last updated on: 8 Aug 2019