Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs

Living donation assessments

HTA policy on the steps transplant units should take to prepare living organ donors when it is not possible to transplant their organ
In part, the Human Tissue Act 2004 was introduced to ensure that living organ donors have made an informed and voluntary decision to donate their organ; free from duress, coercion and reward. Organ trafficking and modern day slavery is a concern for all healthcare professionals.Modern slavery encompasses a broad range of offences including forced labour, domestic servitude and illegal organ...
Further information and resources for living organ donation can be found on the following websites:NHSBTCould I be a living kidney donor?British Transplantation SocietyGive a KidneyThe UK Living Kidney Sharing SchemesCould I be a living liver donor?European Commission Living Kidney Donation Toolbox  


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