Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs

Bone marrow/PBSC assessments

The HTA regulates bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) donation from adults who lack capacity to consent and children who lack competence to consent under the Human Tissue Act 2004 and the Human Tissue Act 2004 (Persons who Lack Capacity to Consent and Transplants) Regulations 2006 (Regulations).

An Accredited Assessor (AA) must assess such potential donation and a report submitted to the HTA for decision. Following an assessment, AAs submit a report of their assessment to the HTA. The HTA makes the decision whether or not to approve the proposed donation. Further information regarding HTA’s role and accredited assessment can be found in the pages below. 

Bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donation: Legal Framework
Guidance to Bone Marrow and PBSC Transplant Teams and Accredited Assessors
The Human Tissue Authority (HTA), on behalf of Scottish Ministers, is responsible for assessing all living organ donation cases that take place in Scotland. The HTA also considers allogeneic donation of regenerative tissue where the donor is under 16 or an adult with incapacity in Scotland. Only once HTA approval is in place can these donations go ahead. The Human Tissue (Scotland) Act 2006 (HT...
Information about HTA Accredited Assessors (AAs)

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