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Private cord blood banking

Banking cord blood privately means that the cord blood is collected and stored for potential future treatments. Privately banked cord blood is intended to be used only for the donor or a member of the donor’s family. Units of cord blood banked privately are not listed on national and international registries.

There are several HTA-licensed private cord blood banks in the UK (listed below). Private cord blood banking is paid for by the client, i.e. the family expecting a baby. It can cost in the region of £2000 for 20 years of storage, although costs and payment options vary between private cord blood banks.

Generally, private cord blood banks use third party mobile collection services, staffed by someone trained to draw blood (a phlebotomist). This means that the collection of cord blood for private banking can take place at most UK hospitals. 

By clicking on the individual banks you will be taken through to further information about each organisation, including a report of the last HTA site inspection.

  1. Biovault
  2. Cells4Life Group LLP
  3. Future Health Technologies Ltd
  4. Smart Cells International

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Last updated on: 3 Apr 2019