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Stem cell coordinators and Specialist Nurses COVID-19 guidance

The use of video conferencing platforms

We are supporting the use of video conferencing for interviews during this period of time. Equally, if you feel that your hospital can safely facilitate face to face interviews in line with Government guidance, then that is a decision for you and Colleagues to make. Now that we have a clearer idea on the situation and the length of time these measures may need to be in place, we do not feel that telephone interviews alone are sufficient.

We understand that there may be some anxieties from AAs about using video conferencing technology. We have written to them separately with more detailed guidance.

The video conferencing facility that is used must be supported by your local hospital protocol and security. We advise using a platform that allows for more than one participant where possible to allow for a joint interview. This would allow all participants on the call to see each other and for AAs to see everyone.  Please discuss the practicalities with the AA if your hospital has a preferred or existing local platform that they will need to use.  


Logistics such as how to access the video platform will need to be agreed between you and the AA. You will need to agree account details and the use of personal equipment where applicable.  

You will need to ensure that the parents or person consenting has access to the video platform that is agreed and these details will need to be communicated to those concerned prior to the interview.

Young or poorly recipients that cannot be interviewed

In instances where the donor or recipient is too young (or pre-verbal) to be interviewed, or the recipient is too ill to be interviewed, we have asked AAs to follow the same guidelines in place for face to face interviews.

COVID-19 risks

It is important that patients are aware of any additional risks relating to COVID-19, therefore we ask that you include anything of note in your referral letters for the foreseeable future. AAs have been asked to clearly document the discussion within their report to the HTA.

We understand there will be ongoing questions about the changes we have outlined above however please be assured that we are here to support you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the team on

Last updated on: 24 Sep 2020