Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs

The HTA Compliance Resource for US Imports

The HTA is the UK Competent Authority for the purposes of the EU Tissues and Cells Directives, which set standards of quality and safety in relation to human tissues and cells intended for human application. Establishments wishing to import human tissues and cells for human application from a country outside of the EU into the UK must be licensed by the HTA for the activity of import.

Please contact our licensing team on if you would like to know more about applying for an import licence.

Importing tissue establishments must ensure that imports from third countries meet standards of quality and safety equivalent to those in the UK. The majority of imports originate in the US and we have identified a number of key differences in regulatory requirements. We have prepared this resource, with technical assistance from the FDA and AATB, to help UK-based importing tissues establishments (UK-ITEs) and US-based third country suppliers (US-3CSs) demonstrate that UK regulatory requirements have been met for human tissues and cells imported into the UK from the US for human application.

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Last updated on: 20 Jun 2019