Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs

Annual activity data collection for 2017

The HTA portal is open to collect annual activity data from all establishments licensed under the Human Tissue (Quality and Safety for Human Application) Regulations 2007

Submission of this data is a requirement under the standard conditions of a human application sector licence. Failure to submit data before the deadline may result in regulatory action by the HTA.

Your completed annual activity data must be submitted before 5pm on Friday 23 February 2018. We have extended the deadline to account for the extra information we are requesting this year. 

Changes to the data collection

This round of data collection will be different from previous years:

  • We are changing the questions to make it clearer what information establishments should include as part of their submission. We have done this in response to your feedback. 
  • We are asking you to provide additional information on tissue and cells used at your establishment that are procured in and distributed from EU/EEA countries. We are also asking a number of questions on tissue and cells that you distribute to licensed establishments or end users that are based in the EU/EEA. 

    We are requesting this information as we do not currently collect information on the volume of import and export activity between the UK and EEA countries and this will contribute to the Department of Health’s planning to ensure that tissue and cell supply remains unaffected following the UK’s exit from the EU. 
  • The way we will collect data this year will also be different. We will be providing establishments with an Excel spreadsheet to fill out. The completed spreadsheet will then need to be uploaded via the HTA Portal.  

Information on activities with Third Parties

As part of this year’s activity collection we are requesting information on Third Party Agreements (TPAs) held by establishments. We are doing this to inform the HTA’s ongoing assessment of licensable activities being carried out under the terms of a TPA. 

How to submit your data

Authorised users can use the HTA Portal to securely submit their annual activity data for 2017. 

We strongly recommend you read the ‘annual activity data 2017 – guidance for establishments’ in full before you begin collecting your data. This is to ensure consistency in the way data is reported across all establishments. 

You will be able to download the data collection Excel spreadsheet through the HTA portal. You will need to upload and submit your completed spreadsheet on the portal also. Please note, the maximum upload limit is 64MB and the allowed file extensions are xls and xlsx (standard Excel formats).

Your completed annual activity data must be submitted before 5pm on Friday 23 February 2018

Information on the HTA portal

Access to the portal and the data submission pages are limited to the Designated Individual or a named Person Designate. If you do not have a portal account or need to register a new person designate, please follow the instructions in the attached HTA web portal guidance document. Please ensure the person who will be submitting the data on behalf of your establishment can log in to the Portal to prevent any delays in submitting your data.

For further information, please email or call 020 7269 1900.

Last updated on: 10 Jan 2018