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Living organ donations continue to rise

Issue date: 
06 May 2014

The number of living people donating organs has risen again this year, according to the HTA, the watchdog that assesses all living organ donation cases in the UK.

In 2013/14, the HTA assessed 1290 cases in all, up from 1243 in 2012/13, including another big rise of ‘altruistic’ donors: those giving to people they don’t know, up by one third from 104 to 139 this year.

Sharmila Nebhrajani, Chair, HTA, said: “Donating an organ is a remarkable thing to do, and as awareness of living organ donation grows the number of people willing to donate rises. We know that people agree that having effective regulation in place makes them more confident to donate their organs, and we ensure that donors are aware of the risks and the law regarding living donation.”

This year saw eleven ‘directed altruistic’ cases: cases where someone gave an organ to specific individual, but with whom they had no prior emotional relationship.

Sharmila continued: “We are continuing to see a rise in cases where neither donor nor recipient has any prior emotional relationship. We are committed to ensuring – no matter how complex the case – that people who choose to donate their organs understand and accept the risks of such procedures and that organs are donated without coercion or reward.”


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