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Human Tissue Authority's role in living organ donation

Issue date: 
08 August 2014

The Human Tissue Authority (HTA) assesses all proposed transplants from living organ donors in the UK. If you are considering becoming a a donor, we have plenty of information to help you find out more. 

We ensure donors  are aware of the risks associated with transplants, that they have not been offered any reward to donate and have not been put under pressure to do so. We also ensure recepients haven't offered any reward. Potential donors and recipients are interviewed by an Independent Assessor (IA) who submits a report to us. We work closely with NHS Blood and Transplant to ensure appropriate systems are in place. 

There are different types of living organ donation, such as donation from a family member or friend, donation from someone unknown to the recepient and 'paired and pooled' donation. 

The NHS Blood and Transplant also has lots of information, including its Could I Be A Living Kidney Donor? leaflet.

We also have guidance on the law and advertising, including matching online and social media.

For detailed information on the first steps to take after you have read the information, please contact your local transplant unit. 

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