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Human Tissue Authority announces fees for 2015/16

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24 November 2014

The Human Tissue Authority (HTA) has set fees for 2015/16 at a similar level to those in 2014/15. Overall, since 2010, there has been a reduction in HTA fees of 36%.

Alan Clamp, Chief Executive, HTA said: “Efficiencies have allowed us to set budgets at similar levels to last year, absorbing any cost increases. There are some changes in fees across our different licensed sectors, depending on our planned regulatory activity in these areas. We will continue to listen to the stakeholders in our licensed sectors to further reduce unnecessary burden and provide even greater value for money, while ensuring we protect the public’s interest.”

The HTA fees for 2015/16:

  • The post mortem sector will see a further reduction of £100 (per main licence) in 2015/16 and the storage-only fee will reduce by £500, due to reduced need for regulatory activity.
  • The research sector licence fee will decrease by £850, now that all establishments have been inspected and there is good overall compliance. 
  • The Human Application sector (those using tissue and cells for patient treatment) will see a rise of £600 for the main site (with total fees depending on the activities carried out) due to increased regulatory and enforcement activity and the regular inspections required by the legislation.
  • The Anatomy sector sees  a small increase of £50 per main site, due to the same amount of HTA resource required to regulate being borne by slightly fewer establishments in the sector this year
  • The Public Display sector fees remain the same.
  • The Organ Donation and Transplantation sector will pay less fees than in 2014/15 as less resource than anticipated is needed to regulate this sector
  • Fees for those applying for a new HTA licence increase, to cover the costs of the new licence application assessment visits introduced in 2014

The full fees table.

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