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HTA launches new website

Issue date: 
12 February 2015

More and more people are accessing the information, advice and guidance that the HTA provides through our website. In 2014 we invested in a newly designed website as part of our ongoing commitment to enhance the quality and accessibility and transparency of the information we provide. On the 12 February 2015 the HTA launched its newly redesigned website.

What this change will mean to you

You can more easily find details about establishments 

We have developed a searchable register of all the establishments we regulate. This aims to bring together information that was previously published like establishment name, licence type, licensable activities, name of Designated Individual, inspection reports and any suspensions or conditions that the establishment may have received.

New ways of finding information, guidance and advice

We hope the new website will help you more quickly and easily find what you need through:

New e-newsletter

Our two-monthly newsletter gives an overview of recent activities and developments in the areas we regulate. As such, it is an important source of information for professionals working in our regulated sectors. In January we launched our redesigned e-newsletter which offers easier access to articles about our work and developments in the areas of interest to you. 

If you are not currently subscribed, please subscribe here. If you are an existing subscriber, we are asking that you update your details here. When you do this, you will be asked which sector or sectors you are most interested in. This may allow us to tailor future newsletters to your interests. 

How do I offer feedback?

Where possible we have tried to maintain links to documents and pages that you may have bookmarked. However certain links may no longer work or you might not be able to find the information you are looking for. If this is the case, you can report broken links to us via the website or contact us with questions. Please also contact us with any other comments or questions about the website

We hope that this change makes a positive difference to the professionals working in the areas we regulate, and those members of the public who our regulation protects.