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HTA Announces Fees for 2017/18

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16 December 2016

Today the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) has announced annual licence fees for 2017/18.

The previous fees structure was put in place in 2011and served us well. However, there have been changes in the HTA’s licensing and inspections process since then. A review was therefore needed to make sure the structure accounted for changes made to the HTA’s regulatory framework since 2011.

As part of the review, we produced a proposed fees structure which was open to consultation. The consultation was open from Monday 25 July – Friday 30 September 2016. During this time, we received 29 responses to the consultation, representing all sectors except for public display.

Following the consultation, responses were analysed and results presented to the HTA Stakeholder Group, Senior Management Team and Authority. A summary of the responses received, along with the HTA’s replies are summarised in our consultation analysis.

The revised model has now been approved, and fees for the 2017/18 have been calculated. You can see the full list of fees and payments here.

We review our fees structure approximately every five-six years, and set fees annually based on the income required. HTA fees are set to recover the recover the cost of regulatory activity in each sector. Through this regulatory framework. We aim to make sure human tissue is stored and used safely, ethically and with proper consent.

Allan Marriot-Smith, Chief Executive of the HTA said: “Thank you to those who responded to the consultation; we value your input. We were particularly pleased to see the majority of responses to the proposed consultation were positive.

We remain committed to keeping licence fees as low as possible. Our work over the coming year will continue to focus on reducing unnecessary burden and strengthening our engagement within our licensed sectors.”


  • The HTA is the regulator of human organs and tissue. We regulate activities relating to the removal, storage, use and disposal of human tissue and organs. We also give approval for organ and bone marrow donations from living people.
  • We licence over 850 organisations (main licences and satellites) across six sectors; Public Display, Organ Donation & Transplantation, Human Application, Post Mortem, Research and Anatomy,
  • Our overall is to make sure that human tissue and organs are stores and used safely, ethically and with proper consent. We do this by licensing and inspecting organisations, ensuring that they meet our standards.  When organisations do not meet these standards, we work with them to help them improve.
  • The regulation work we do is fully funded by the licence fees paid each year.
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Last updated on: 9 Jan 2017