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HTA announces fees for 2016/17

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18 December 2015

Today the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) announced that there will be no increase in the 2016/17 annual licence fee for organisations in the post mortem, research, public display, organ donation and transplantation and anatomy sectors. There will be a small increase in fees for those orgnaisations with a human application licence (around 4%, an average of £300), to reflect the level of regulatory activities within this sector. See the full breakdown of fees and payments here.

HTA fees are set to recover the recover the cost of regulatory activity in each sector. The HTA strives to be as efficient as possible, and pass on these efficiencies to our licensed establishment. The HTA will make a further 3% in financial savings in 2016/17, partly through a more effective use of office space. These savings will enable the HTA to hold fees for 16/17 in all but one sector, even though the total number of organisations licensed by the HTA has decreased. 

Allan Marriott-Smith, HTA Chief Executive said: “We are pleased to be able to hold fees levels at the same rate in 16/17 in all but one sector. By reviewing and making further efficiencies, we have – once again – managed to provide value for money for those we regulate. At a time when belts are being tightened across the board, we recognise how important it is that we minimise financial burden.”


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Last updated on: 15 Jan 2016