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Have your say on the proposed 'opt-out' organ donation system

Issue date: 
05 October 2017

The government plans to change the organ donation system to an 'opt-out' system.

Under current rules in England, a person who has died can only be an organ donor if they have agreed to it when they were alive, usually by joining the organ donor register or telling their family. People can also 'opt out' of organ donation or choose someone to make the decision for them when they have died. As the regulator for human tissue and organs, the Human Tissue Authority oversees the legal consent requirements by providing advice and guidance to professionals and issue licences across the UK, under EU laws, which ensures the quality and safety of transplanted organs.

If the law changes, people will be considered willing to be an organ donor unless they have opted out.

The Department of Health and Social Care are running a consultation to find out what people think of how the changes should be made.

You have until 11.59pm on 6 March 2018 to share your views, after which the consultation will close.


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