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European Commission consultation regarding EU legislation on blood, tissues and cells

Issue date: 
21 June 2017

The European Commission is consulting on the EU legislation on blood, tissues and cells.

We encourage everyone interested in, or affected by this legislation to take part in the consultation.

About the consultation

The consultation aims to gather detailed views and opinions for the ongoing evaluation of the blood, tissues and cells legislation.

In particular, the Commission are asking for feedback on whether the legislation achieved its original objectives. The Commission have also asked for input into the extent the legislation is adequate today - taking into account any relevant technological, epidemiological, organisational or societal changes.

The Commission is also seeking views on:

  • the value of having such requirements laid down at EU-level;
  • the costs and burdens of implementing the legislation and whether these have been justified by the results achieved; and
  • the coherence of the Directives with other relevant EU legislation.

The consultation will be open until 31 August 2017.

Evaluation of legislation

The consultation forms part of a wider evaluation of the EU blood and tissues and cells legislation. This is the first formal evaluation of this legislation since the adoption of the basic legislation in 2002 (blood) and 2004 (tissues and cells).

The wider evaluation includes a stakeholder conference on 20 September 2017 in Brussels.

You can find further information on the evaluation on the European Commission’s website. 

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Last updated on: 21 Jun 2017