Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs

Licensing under the Human Tissue Act 2004

There are four sectors which are licensed under the Human Tissue Act 2004:

  • Anatomy
  • Post mortem
  • Public Display
  • Research

This page contains information relevant to all sectors licensed under the HT Act. You should read this information before moving to the information specific to your sector.

The Human Tissue Act 2004

You can find out more about the HT Act on this page, which includes information on:

  • key points of the HT Act
  • offences under the Act
  • the HT Act regulations

Codes of Practice and Standards

Our Codes of Practice and Standards provide practical guidance to professionals carrying out activities within the scope of the HTA’s remit.
Code A: Guiding principles and the fundamental principle of consent, is the overarching Code.  It contains information that is applicable to all establishments and professionals operating under our governing legislation.  Code A should be read in combination with the sector-specific Codes. Together, they provide practical advice on the minimum steps necessary to comply with the relevant legislation and HTA policy.

Last updated on: 29 Mar 2019