Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs

Licence fees and payments: 2019/20

The Human Tissue Authority (HTA) has published licence fee levels for the 2019/20 business year.

The new licence fees come into effect from April 2019, with an increase of 2.7% (the CPI rate in August 2018) to the previous year’s fees.


Background to HTA licence fees

After taking account of all other income sources, we are required to generate £3.8m in income from licence fees in 2019/20. This figure reflects the under-recovery from 2017/18 as well other inflationary pressures, in particular, accommodation costs.

After several years of making efficiencies, holding budgets steady and absorbing new work, we need to increase the income provided from fees to maintain the quality of our regulation, and to make necessary improvements to our operations and infrastructure.

Changes to 2019/20 fees

There are no amendments to the fees model for the 2019/20 financial year – as such, a small uplift will be applied to fees across all sectors.

The 2019/20 fees have been increased by 2.7% which was the rate of CPI in August 2018 when the fees were proposed and the HTA budget was developed.

Upcoming fees model work

In early 2019, we will undertake a comprehensive review of our licence fee structure with the view to implement it in 2020 and beyond. We have not undertaken a fundamental review of our fees model since 2016 but we are mindful that over the last couple of years there have been some changes to our licensing and regulatory processes as well as changes to licensed establishments within all sectors.

Any proposals for a reviewed fees model will be developed in consultation with those affected and we will announce further information to our stakeholders as work gathers pace in early 2019.

Last updated on: 26 Dec 2019