Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs

Our strategic approach

Our strategic approach is based on right-touch regulation. This means being clear on the risks we are regulating, being proportionate and targeted in regulating those risks, taking into account the role of professional bodies and other regulators, and using the minimum necessary regulatory force to achieve compliance and improvement.

Effective communication is also critical to our strategic approach to ensure that professionals can access advice and guidance from us, and that the public is clear on what they should expect from us and the areas we regulate. How we do this in our daily operation is described in the Delivery section of this strategy.

The HTA has never been an organisation to stand still, and is continually looking for ways it can enhance public confidence, better target our regulation and adapt as an organisation. The Development section of the strategy describes the renewed focus for our development goals during this strategic period to ensure sustainability, resilience and agility in addition to continuing our program of continuous improvement.

Neither Delivery nor Development is possible without resources. The Deployment section of the strategy describes how we lead, manage and develop the HTA’s people, how we raise and use our finances and our plans for accommodation and other key assets.

Our objectives are therefore grouped into three themes. All of these aspects will require a careful balance to make the most of our limited resources and ensure success in delivering our overall aim.

  • Delivery - to deliver the right mix of operational activity to maintain public and professional confidence
  • Development - to make the right investment to continuously improve delivery and deployment
  • Deployment - to make the most effective use of people and resources in pursuit of our goals
Last updated on: 23 May 2018