Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs

HTA stakeholder evaluation 2013 - Professional findings

Summary of key findings:

  • The HTA’s professional stakeholders continue to be very positive about their relationship with the HTA, with improvement more or less across the board since 2010.
  • 92% of stakeholders have a great deal of confidence in the HTA (an increase of 6% from 2010), 88% are favourable towards the HTA (an increase of 20% from 2010).
  • Overall advocacy of the HTA (those who speak highly without being asked) has increased by 15% to 73%. The HTA now receives a higher level of advocacy than any similar organisation in Ipsos MORI stakeholder evaluations over the last 5 years.
  • 28% of stakeholders agree that the level of regulation within the UK health sector is an obstacle to success. In contrast, just 14% of professional stakeholders agree that the level of regulation by the HTA is an obstacle, indeed, 26% strongly disagree.
  • HTA stakeholders the best informed of any similar public sector organisation to have been asked this question in Ipsos MORI stakeholder evaluations in the past five years.
  • When asked about consent terminology, the majority of stakeholders (61%) feel that the term ‘seeking consent’ is the most appropriate terminology to describe the actions of professionals when going through the process of informed consent with members of the public or their families.
  • Since 2010 knowledge about the HTA has increased slightly, with 96% saying they know very well or a fair amount about what the HTA does.
  • Around nine in ten agree that the HTA is ‘professional’ and ‘accessible’. There are also significant increases in the proportion agreeing that the HTA is ‘accountable’, ‘proportionate’ and ‘efficient’.
  • Ipsos ReportThe HTA is thought to be performing very effectively in relation to many of the activities that stakeholders identify as being very important, such as, giving advice and guidance; overseeing the consent requirements of the Human Tissue Act; ensuring dignity and respect for the deceased; and ensuring the safety and quality of human tissue, cells and organs used for patient treatment.
  • Fees are one of the areas that stakeholders feel less well informed, and are more uncertain about. The recently established Stakeholder and Fees Group reflects initial steps by HTA to improve in this area.

The report is available to download (PDF) with full statistics, conclusions and recommendations.

Last updated on: 16 Jan 2015