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HTA stakeholder evaluation 2010 - Public findings

Confidence in human tissue regulation has increased after three years, according to a survey commissioned at the start of 2010.

The HTA commissioned Ipsos MORI to determine public views on the regulation of human tissue.

Three years after the first survey, the findings show a five percentage point increase in the proportion of adults who have confidence in human tissue regulation – from 52% to 57%. 

The public study shows that people are more confident to donate tissue knowing that there is a regulator: 48% would be more confident to donate tissue for medical research, while only 17% would not; 52% would be more confident to donate organs for transplant, 16% would not, and 43% would have greater confidence donating their bodies for medical education and training, though 23% would not.

The results also demonstrate the importance which the public places on consent for allowing one’s tissue to be used: two-thirds (64%) say it is never acceptable to use a person’s tissue or organs for any purpose after death without their consent or that of their family, with 13% saying it is; and 55% say it is never acceptable for their family to override their wishes after they have given consent for donation of their organs or tissue for any purpose after death, though 16% disagree.

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