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HTA stakeholder evaluation 2010 - Professional findings

Confidence in human tissue regulation has increased after three years, according to a survey commissioned at the start of 2010.

The HTA commissioned Ipsos MORI to determine professional views on the regulation of human tissue.

Nearly nine in ten (86%) professionals have confidence in the HTA as a regulator, with two in five saying their confidence has increased in the past three years.

349 professionals were surveyed by Ipsos MORI (online), all of whom work closely with the HTA. These professionals came from all five sectors which the HTA licenses (post mortem, anatomy, research, human application, and public display) and from the field of organ and bone marrow donation.

Key results from surveying this group include:

  • Approaching nine in ten (86%) have ‘a great deal’ or a ‘fair amount’ of confidence in the HTA as a regulator.
  • Nearly two in five (39%) say their confidence has increased in the past three years. 43% say there has been no change and 9% report it has worsened.
  • Around half of the respondents believe that the HTA’s performance has improved in the last three years (49%). Around one in four (26%) say it has remained the same and 7% say it has worsened. Almost seven in ten have a favourable opinion of the HTA (68%); though almost one in five (17%) are unfavourable.
  • The HTA is widely perceived to be ‘professional’, ‘informative’ and ‘accessible’, with eight in ten or more professional stakeholders describing it in these terms (from a list of descriptions).
  • On advocacy, approaching six in ten professional stakeholders (58%) would speak highly about the HTA – if asked – and, in some cases, even without being asked. This places the HTA 4th out of 20 public sector organisations whose stakeholders’ and users’ views Ipsos MORI has evaluated in its Public Sector Norms Bank.

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Last updated on: 16 Jan 2015