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HTA professional evaluation 2020 - all findings

The HTA commissioned Savanta ComRes to run a professional evaluation in early 2020.

These reports provide valuable insight into:

  • what degree of knowledge our different stakeholder groups hold of the HTA and what it does;
  • how well understood the work of the HTA is;
  • how favourable stakeholder opinion is in relation to a number of key areas; and,
  • how well we are communicating and engaging with stakeholders.

The evaluation was structured in two parts.

Part 1 – online survey

  • Savanta ComRes interviewed 518 stakeholders between 17 February and 9 March 2020 (compared to 362 in 2013)
  • 518 individuals out of a total sample of 3,028 contacts provided by the HTA responded to the survey, amounting to a response rate of 17.1%.

Part 2 – in-depth interviews

  • Stakeholders were given an opportunity to opt-in for telephone interviews at the end of the online survey.
  • 30 of these individuals between 12 March and 16 April 2020.
  • 5 interviews were conducted among each sector group.
  • Interviews each lasted half an hour and were designed to explore and discuss stakeholder evaluations of the HTA in greater depth and detail.

Headline results

  • Professionals working at HTA-licensed establishments had a good level of knowledge of the HTA's regulation - 96% net positive
  • Professionals working at HTA-licensed establishments had confidence in the HTA's system of regulation - 94% net positive
  • Professionals working at HTA-licensed establishments thought favourably of the HTA - 87% net positive
  • Professionals working at HTA-licensed establishments were positive about their communications and engagement with the HTA - 78% net positive
  • Professionals working at HTA-licensed establishments would speak highly of the HTA - 69% net positive

Favourable impressions of the HTA appeared to be driven by the perception of our professionalism, in terms of being a thorough and effective regulator.

Professionals also valued how accessible the HTA is and how helpful its staff are in providing advice and guidance.

Although overall the results were positive, the HTA has taken away feedback on areas for improvement and these insights will help shape our regulatory approach and how we communicate and engage with health professionals.





Last updated on: 30 Jul 2020