Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs

New strategic approach

Our strategy was developed following a fundamental evaluation of the extent to which our current strategic approach protects public and professional confidence in the proper use, and quality and safety, of human tissues, cells and organs. An assessment of the evidence provided us with great reassurance that both the public and professionals think we are on the right track with our regulatory approach. However, the review identified a number of opportunities and challenges relating to our future operating environment that will require us to adapt as an organisation.

In our Strategy 2018 – 21 we set out our vision to be operating in a more sustainable way by 2021, building in greater resilience and agility in the face of increasing complexity and uncertainty in our external environment.


By sustainable, we mean taking a new approach to recruiting and retaining high quality staff and working in new ways to reduce the growing pressures on the staff we have.


By resilience, we mean adapting our operating model to retain staff for longer and develop strategic alliances with other organisations to put us in a better position to manage unexpected demands.


By agility, we mean providing a highly responsive regulatory framework that supports innovative uses of organs, tissues and cells, burnishes our reputation as an expert regulator and actively supports the Industrial Strategy for Life Sciences.

We will phase the envisaged organisational transformation over the next three years. The first step in implementing the strategy will be to develop a more detailed blueprint proposal, which will outline the changes we need to make to our People Strategy, Business Technology and Estates plans.

Year 1 of this strategy represents a transition between the previous 3-year strategy and the new priorities. This 2018/19 Business Plan will therefore reflect the trade-offs between current and emerging business needs.

In order to meet the challenges ahead we require a fresh focus on our:

  • People - recognising our staff as our key asset, widening the pool of candidates for recruitment and investing in training and development;
  • Business Technology - ensuring our systems are not reliant on location and making strategic choices about key business systems;
  • Information and data - meeting our obligations relating to data security and using information and data as a key strategic resource.
Last updated on: 22 May 2018