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Cryonics - the cryopreservation of whole bodies

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This information covers cryonics, the cryopreservation of whole bodies. The cryopreservation of specific tissues, such as stem cells, for treatment purposes is also briefly covered, as this already comes under our regulation. If you are looking for information on cryopreservation relating to fertility treatment, please refer to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

The Human Tissue Authority (HTA) has produced this information to provide an overview of cryonics - cryopreservation of whole bodies. Despite very low take-up in the UK, cryonics is a topic that does occasionally appear in the news and, as a result, we are sometimes asked questions about it.

We have worked with our public panel – a group who have kindly volunteered their time to feedback on the work of the HTA - to find out what questions the public has about cryonics, and we have tried to answer those questions here.

This information is not intended to provide thorough detail on cryonics, as it is not something the HTA regulates. You can read more about this in the legal section. Neither this information, nor the HTA, is able to provide advice on whether you should choose to cryopreserve your body or tissues.


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Information on cryonics, the cryopreservation of whole bodies and cryogenics.
Last updated on: 26 Sep 2018