Last updated on 01 Apr 2022

Body donor cards

We currently send body donor cards with our body and brain donation information pack to members of the public who want to donate their body. We also give these to anyone who specifically requests one. 

After you have registered with your local medical school and signed a consent form, a body donor card works in the same way as an organ donor card. It represents your decision and wish to become a body donor, and can be carried with you in your purse or wallet. 

You are also able to include the contact details of the medical school you have registered with; this will make it easier for your family to contact the right medical school and make suitable arrangements as soon as possible. 

Please note that these body donor cards do not replace the existing consent requirements - anyone wishing to become a body donor must still register with their local medical school and sign a consent form first.  

It also does not guarantee that the medical school will be able to accept the body. 

If you would like us to post you a copy of our body donor card, please email us at