Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs

HTA position on biological testing requirements for autologous donors of tissues and cells.
  • Autologous donors
EU Directives amending coding and import regulations will become law during 2016
  • Human application
  • Import and export
Information for regional resilience teams on licensing of emergency mortuaries.
  • Emergency mortuaries
  • General licensing
  • Mortuaries
  • Post mortem
The transportation and delivery of tissues or cells intended for human application, including to or from other countries
  • Import and export
Annual activity data is due from human application licences
  • Annual activity data
  • Human application
Further resources for those working in the research sector
  • Consent
HTA's current position on the absence of a presumed genetic relationship
  • Transplants
Regulation regarding cells procured from a person and processed during a single surgical procedure
  • Single surgical procedures
Transplant units can use the current template referral letter provided here when referring a case to the HTA until Monday 15 January 2018.  Review of the template referral letter To promote greater consistency, reduce variability and ensure all referral letters contain relevant donor information in line with the requirements of the Montgomery judgment, the HTA has reviewed the...
  • Living organ donation
  • Transplants
Position statement on extending existing licences to cover the removal of tissue from the deceased for research
  • Licensing
  • Removal licence
  • Research