Last updated on 28 Jun 2021

Who can become an IA

IAs are independent of the transplant unit, the donor and recipient. This independence allows the HTA to fulfil its role to help protect the interests of the donors by ensuring they have the opportunity to speak freely to someone not connected with the transplant unit, confirming that their wish to donate is free from any pressure to act against their will.

IAs come from varied backgrounds and do not need to be medically qualified.  Our current IAs include Consultants, hospital Chaplains, retired healthcare staff including GPs, senior nurses and surgeons, retired teachers and retired judges.

A potential IA must possess the following skills:

  • excellent oral and written communication skills
  • IT literate with an ability to grasp new systems
  • excellent interpersonal skills
  • confidence in interviewing patients and exploring and addressing health issues and health risks
  • familiar with requirements to maintain patient confidentiality
  • the ability to work confidently in a hospital environment
  • experience of report writing to a high standard
  • familiar with equality and diversity legislation.