Removal licence

The removal licence is one of the HTA's lesser used licence type, principally because the activity of removal is covered by many of our other licences. A removal licence can be applied for if you wish to only remove relevant material, rather than storing or processing it as well.

We anticipate new removal activities to be taking place within robust governance frameworks (for example, health research projects approved by NHS research ethics committees) and have therefore set the new licence’s fees at levels we believe to be proportionate to the risks of the expected activities. For this business year, the fees are: 

  • Application fee at £320.00
  • Annual licence fee at £780.00 

Due to the low cost and limited scope of this new licence, we will not be operating a hub-and-satellite arrangement but we will keep this under review.

As with the other establishments we license under the Human Tissue Act 2004, compliance updates and inspections may be required. Please see Licensing and Inspections for more information.

This new licence is being introduced to improve choices. It will still be possible to extend an existing removal licence to cover activities on the same site