Virtual Regulatory Assessments

This page is designed to provide you with information about the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) VRA process so that you and your staff can prepare.  

What is a VRA?

VRAs are remote forms of inspection that allow the HTA to monitor compliance with standards and collect information from staff at licensed establishments without a conventional site visit. The interactive components of a VRA are done using video technology.  

How does a VRA work?

We will use information we already hold to select establishments for a VRA. We will contact establishments requesting the information we need to assess them remotely.   

The information requested from establishments, and the way in which it is provided, may vary according to your individual profile.  

Preparation required for a VRA

The HTA’s preferred platforms for conducting VRAs are Microsoft Teams and for documents to be securely shared using Microsoft SharePoint. We will confirm with each establishment whether they have access to these platforms or whether staff require an alternative platform.  

Prior to VRA meetings, we will email you a list of documents that we would like to see at least two weeks before the first video call is due to take place.  

As with a site visit inspection, a VRA may take place over several days, depending on the complexity of licensed activities. We will agree specific dates and times for our meetings  with you, taking into account staff availability.   

A Regulation Manager will call the Designated Individual (DI) in advance of the VRA. The purpose of this call is to set out the plans for the VRA, including what we would like to review and to discuss the practical arrangements for the assessment.  

Depending on the outcome of our findings, a Corrective and Preventative Action Plan may be put in place, and a site visit may also be required.  

If you have any questions regarding the VRA process, please email us at or call us on 0207 269 1900.