COVID-19 Research sector guidance

In the Research sector, we are aware that at present, accessing facilities to undertake routine checks and tasks may be difficult. We also know that small companies will be under pressure to continue their work, and may have to cease activities permanently. We ask those who are suspending HTA-licensed activities to inform us and provide details.

Researchers should also be aware that the Health Research Authority has a process to fast-track applications for research ethics committee (REC) approval relating to COVID-19. The HRA has issued guidance, which includes information about contacting them.

All establishments in the Research sector licensed by the HTA, are required to have an internal system for reporting adverse events and we would ask that you consider how best to handle relevant adverse events during the COVID-19 outbreak. Although there is currently no requirement for establishments in the research sector to report adverse incidents to the HTA, if a DI has concerns about an event or incident, they are encouraged to contact us.