Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs

Factors contributing to increased pressures on storage capacity

Winter deaths

  • Forward planning should take into account local authority cold weather plans.

Flow of bodies after approval for release

  • Establishments should have procedures to ensure that they identify cases where the release of the body may be delayed, and to follow up cases where information allowing release of the body has not been received.
  • Where establishments experience problems with delay in release of bodies they should liaise with the relevant party to ensure that they are working to address these issues, and consider how procedures might be changed to improve release times.
  • Local authorities should have clear procedures in place which expedite the timely release and burial of deceased people who have no family members, or whose families are not able to fund their funerals.

Storage capacity and funding requests

  • Establishments should keep under review their storage capacity and suitability of arrangements.
    • Where establishments face on-going issues that they have not been able to resolve, they should contact the HTA, who may be able to advise on how capacity and contingency arrangements might be strengthened.
Last updated on: 29 Nov 2017