Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs


To make the most effective use of people and resources in pursuit of our goals

Deployment underpins both our Delivery and Development activity; it is the choices we make about how we best manage our people and resources.

Our staff – The people who work at the HTA are our most important asset. Our staff are fundamental to our ability to achieve our overall goals, and to continue to improve.

Last year, in recognition of this, we updated our People Strategy, which complements the overall Strategy, and sets out how we will lead and manage people – including how we support their professional and personal development.

Through this strategic approach, we promote an organisational culture that values our staff and creates an environment where they are encouraged to increase their knowledge skills and expertise. We look for opportunities to promote staff retention, reduce turnover and retain essential skills in HTA. The People Strategy also describes the need for the right working environment and business technology to support delivery.

People we work with – We also recognise that individuals fulfilling roles set out in legislation – Designated Individuals, Independent Assessors and Accredited Assessors – are important resources that we draw on in pursuit of our goals, through working collaboratively.

Resources – The HTA is funded through fees from licensed establishments and Grant-in­Aid from the Department of Health. Our approach is to manage our finances in order to ensure the continued financial viability of the HTA, whilst providing good value for licence fee-payers and the taxpayer. We continue to control accommodation costs by sharing office space in order to minimise the impact of rental costs on licence fees, and have an arrangement with the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority to share a Director of Resources, and a Head of Finance and Resources.

Objectives for 2017/18

Our Deployment objectives remain, to:

  • Manage and develop our people in line with the People Strategy.
  • Ensure the continued financial viability of the HTA while charging fair and transparent licence fees and providing value for money.
  • Provide a suitable working environment and effective business technology.

In the remaining period covered by the Strategy, we will:

  • Deliver on the commitments in the People Strategy, in line with its associated road map, which includes a commitment to consult staff on emerging issues and relative priorities.
  • Ensure the best use of office space to control accommodation costs, through:
  • the promotion of flexible working;
  • efficient use of existing space; and by
  • ensuring each team can effectively manage their own areas.
  • Undertake a re-tendering exercise for our IT support services.
  • Provide opportunities for HTA staff and Authority Members to come together to encourage greater understanding of shared goals and priorities.


Last updated on: 6 Apr 2017