Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs


Delivery – To deliver the right mix of activity to maintain public and professional confidence in the safe and proper use of human tissue

Our Delivery objectives for 2020/21 are to:

  • Deliver a risk-based, data-driven and proportionate programme of licensing, inspection and incident reporting, targeting our resources where there is most risk to public confidence and patient safety. 
  • Deliver effective regulation of living donation. 
  • Provide high-quality advice and guidance in a timely way to support professionals, Government and the public in matters within our remit. 
  • Be consistent and transparent in our decisionmaking and regulatory action, supporting those licence holders who are committed to achieving high quality and dealing firmly and fairly with those who do not comply with our standards. 
  • Inform and involve people with a professional or personal interest in the areas we regulate in matters that are important to them and influence them in matters that are important to us. 
  • Maintain our strategic relationships with other regulators operating in the health sector. 

During 2020/21, we will:

  • Provide appropriate communications and advice and guidance to sectors and organisations we regulate to help them prepare for EU exit;
  • continue to use our knowledge of risk in each sector to inform the delivery of the right mix of regulatory tools to support and superintend compliance;
  • Undertake a risk-based programme of assessments which provide assurance that standards are being maintained, working within the constraints of COVID-19
  • take a proportionate and risk-based approach to non-compliance, and ensure there where there are shortfalls against standards, these are rectified within agreed timescales;
  • ensure that decisions on living organ donation cases meet agreed service standards in a way that provides the necessary protections;
  • engage with, and involve, public, Government and professional stakeholders in our work using a wide variety of channels;
  • provide high quality and timely responses to enquiries from professionals, the public and the media.
Last updated on: 10 Nov 2020