Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs

Culture and Environment

Why it matters

Everyone should expect to have a physical working environment, facilities and equipment that will allow each person to deliver their objectives effectively. The HTA also has agreed values which we believe will promote a culture and positive team working environment within the organisation, where everyone is shown respect and everyone’s contribution to our success is recognised. Having the right work environment and culture allows everyone to perform to the best of their abilities.

What we do already

We have a set of core values that underpin the way in which we conduct ourselves, perform our roles and interact with each other and external stakeholders. In addition, we have policies in place that protect staff who wish to make a complaint or may be vulnerable. We recognise the growing pressure on office space in London, particularly as an organisation in the public sector and work with our people to find effective hot-desking based solutions to address this while maintaining modern and high standard facilities. We invest in business technology which is regularly upgraded for greater functionality and provide opportunities for staff to work flexibly which feedback suggests offers an increased level of positive work/life balance.

What our staff say

Feedback from the staff survey and staff forum suggests that there is a positive working environment at the HTA where people feel supported by their colleagues. People also feel that their colleague’s demonstrate the HTA’s values, but ways to ensure that the values remain alive and embedded within our culture should be explored. One area highlighted for improvement was increasing the number of staff events and/or social activities with the aim of providing more opportunities for staff to get to know each other and strengthen working relationships.

Although policies are in place, it is important that we are in a position where we are reassured that our people are aware of the avenues in which their concerns can be raised.  To gain a greater level of confidence with this, we aim to implement a monitoring process around these policies. We believe this will be beneficial in achieving a more accurate assessment of the HTA work environment.

By March 2018 we will

  • Deliver upgrades to our equipment as part of the IT Strategy, offering enhanced connectivity to those working in the office and remotely
  • Explore options to increase home working in the future
  • Ensure visibility of our values and enable our people to feel comfortable in challenging behaviour which does not match these
  • Enhance the promotion of our policies and ensure our people know how to access these
  • Seek regular staff feedback on the effectiveness of our policies
  • Investigate opportunities for staff to contribute to charitable organisations including through team building exercises.

We expect our staff to

  • Participate in training to make better use of business technology
  • Demonstrate the HTA values through their work and interactions with each other and external stakeholders
  • Challenge behaviour that does not match with our organisational values
  • Be aware of the HTA policies and seek clarification to gain a better understanding where required
  • Make suggestions for improvements where policies could be more effective
  • Participate in the staff survey
To maintain the HTA’s positive working environment and culture, and uphold the values of the organisation.
Last updated on: 1 Nov 2017