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HTA Fees Consultation 2016

The HTA consulted on changes to our licence fees structure. The current structure has been in place since April 2011. Our approach is to review our fees structure every five years and to determine budgets and the income required from fees annually. We published new fee levels in December, which came into effect on 1 April.

The aim of this consultation was to seek the views of stakeholders on the proposed new fee structure.

Actual fees for 2017/18 were announced after consideration by our Stakeholder Group and approval by the Authority in December 2016.  Fees reflected the outcome of the consultation and the budget agreed.

The document below sets out in full the background to the fees review and details the changes sector by sector. It also shows illustrative fees using the proposed fees structure. The first scenario is for comparison purposes if the budget is the same as in 2016/17. The second shows what the maximum fees would be if we need to increase the budget.

Download consultation document

Last updated on: 4 Apr 2018