Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs

Advice and learning

102.  Fifty three items of advice were provided against standard GQ8; the highest number across the GQ standards.

103.  Where establishments had risk assessments in place that covered some of the risks associated with their licensed activities, they were advised to extend the scope of their risk assessments to include other areas of risk, including:

  • loss of traceability; 
  • loss of tissue; 
  • critical storage failure;
  • missing or incorrect documentation;
  • security arrangements;
  • appropriate disposal.

104.  Specific risks that were identified during inspections were routinely highlighted to establishments, in conjunction with providing advice to conduct a documented risk assessment.

105.    By documenting risk assessments, staff are made aware of identified risks, which helps to prevent the risks materialising and informs the development of procedures and relevant documentation.

Last updated on: 3 Aug 2016