Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs


15.  A total of 517 items of advice were given during 87 inspections, which emphasises the importance we place on our role in providing advice.  The most number of advice items were against our governance and quality systems standards, particularly standards GQ1 (81 items of advice were given), GQ2 (49 items) and GQ8 (53 items). There were 56 advice items against standard PFE3 and 41 items against standard C1.

16.  Fourteen items of advice were not specifically against a particular standard. Most of these advice items had a focus on adding Persons Designated (PDs) to licensing arrangements, strengthening the governance of licensed activities.

17.  Figure 3 shows the distribution of advice provided across the HTA standards. 

Figure 3: Distribution of advice given to establishments across HTA licensing standards (inspections undertaken November 2010 – March 2015)

Last updated on: 3 Aug 2016