Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs


The HTA’s Board is made up of a Chair and twelve Members:

  • Ten are appointed by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care;
  • One is appointed by the Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services; and 
  • One is appointed by the Minister of Health in Northern Ireland.

The Board is made up of both lay and professional Members and currently includes an organ donor and a transplant recipient. The professional Members of our board come from medical and scientific backgrounds linked to our work, and the lay Members bring a wide range of business, commercial, academic, and public sector experience.

The Board’s primary role is to ensure that the HTA’s statutory responsibilities are met and discharged effectively. It achieves this by setting the HTA’s strategic direction and providing both support and challenge to an Executive, which is responsible for the delivery of these responsibilities on a day-to-day basis.

While the Executive implements this strategy by way of business plans, there are mechanisms in place by which the Board steers, scrutinises and reviews performance.

The HTA holds four board meetings per year, one of which is in public, and an annual strategy away day. These meetings provide the opportunity to assess a range of management information and more detailed reports on progress against elements of the strategy. They also allow the Board to hold the Executive to account for the HTA’s performance.

Standing items reported to the Authority include:

  • Chief Executive’s report – to provide an overall assessment of the HTA’s performance and strategic risks
  • Delivery report – to provide assurance on the delivery of regulatory activities
  • Development report – to provide assurance on the delivery of development activities
  • Deployment report – to provide an update on the deployment of resources

The board meetings also provide the main means by which Board Members set the direction on issues of strategic importance that emerge over the course of the year.

The HTA’s Board is supported in its work by two standing committees:

  • Audit and Risk Assurance Committee
  • Remuneration Committee.

The Executive also holds quarterly accountability meetings with the Department of Health and Social Care to review progress with delivery of key performance indicators and the management of strategic risks.

Last updated on: 10 Nov 2020