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Codes of practice

The HTA's revised codes of practice came into force on 15 September 2009.

The codes of practice provide guidance and lay down expected standards for each of the sectors we regulate. The revised codes are designed to support professionals by giving advice and guidance based on real-life experience. The codes were approved by Parliament in July 2009 and have been brought into force via Directions 002/2009.

Seven of the codes have been revised to reflect the HTA's experience of regulation and an entirely new code on research has also been produced.

You can access the revised codes of practice below. The codes are provided in an interactive format which gives easy access to the different sections, with links to other relevant issues and documents and a pop-up glossary. You can also print entire codes and individual sections in pdf format using the 'print pdf' links. 

Between 1 August and 14 November 2008 we held a public consultation on the revision of the codes of practice. The new codes reflect the stakeholder comments that we received. We have published a rationale document which summarises the consultation responses. You can download the rationale document on the left of this page.