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Code of practice 2

Donation of solid organs for transplantation

Structure and navigation

22. This code is divided into two main sections: living organ donation and deceased organ donation.

23. The first section of this code describes different types of living organ donation, the requirements of the HT Act and the role of the HTA. It also provides guidance on the process that must be followed before organ donation can go ahead, including giving the necessary information to prospective living donors for them to be able to make an informed decision to consent.

24. The second section of this code sets out the requirements of the HT Act, the roles of the HTA and NHSBT, the Organ Donor Register and the requirements relating to the preservation of organs for transplantation.

25. At the end of this code there is a section on licensing requirements and exceptions related to organ transplantation. Those involved in organ transplantation should also refer to this section.